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informations for the course 18SE 3.05 GPS/INS-Integration and Multisensor-Navigation

Course nr. 18SE 3.05
Course title GPS/INS-Integration and Multisensor-Navigation
Information The knowledge and skills communicated in the course are covering a broad spectrum of GPS/INS-Integration and Multisensor-Navigation: Introduction to Inertial and Integrated Navigation; Inertial Sensors (Mechanical, Optical, MEMS); Strapdown Algorithms; Error Propagation in Inertial Navigation Systems; GNSS Receivers and Errors; Other on-board Sensors; Kalman Filter (Theory and Demonstration); Application dependent GPS/INS Integration; GPS/INS Deep Coupling; Terrain Aided Navigation; Stand-Off Weapons; Map Matching Applications for Public Transport; Rail Navigation Systems; Civil and Military Aviation; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); Inertial Navigation in Commercial Marine Transport; Location Based Services; Space systems; Gravity Field and Airborne Gravimetry; Outlook and Future Trends.
Lecturer (s) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Eissfeller
Location Oberpfaffenhofen
Period 19.11.2018 - 23.11.2018
Costs 1990,00 EUR

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Preconditions Aerospace/Avionics Industry, Terrestrial Navigation, Shipping

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